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A place to discuss BBC's medical drama, Casualty.
Welcome to holby_ed, the community for fans of the BBC medical drama, Casualty. Share your thoughts, ideas, icons, pictures, files and anything else you care to think of related to Casualty!

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[*] Promoting other Casualty related comms is fine, so long as you check with one of the mods first.
[*] Picspams must go behind a cut (see above). Please be kind and give those not on broadband a warning if it ain't dial-up friendly.
[*] Don't fight children. If someone doesn't agree with you, don't make a big deal out of it, otherwise we may have to spank you
[*] Don't forget to watch Casualty!


holby_city_love - A community for fans of Holby City, Casualty's sister show.

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