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Title - CPR
Author - graspthethorn 
Fandom - Casualty
Pairing - Toby/Ben
Rating - PG
Word count - 272
A/N - I DON'T KNOW, OKAY? I saw a rerun of Bargain Hunt this morning and someone bought a Tobey Jug and yeah, it reminded me of my favourite nickname-for-a-character ever. Also: lol, this is terrible, but it is better than mushing my brain trying to rewrite my AWOL reel_merlin fic.



An Introduction and a Fic


I've been a fan of Casualty (on and off) since I was about ten. I can remember sitting on my living room floor covering my eyes to avoid the gory bits when I was about six or so, didn't take me long to get over that one.

My favourite series are probably from about series 11 to 15. That was when I was really into it. We HAD to watch Casualty on a Saturday and if we missed it there was hell to pay. After that other things got in the way and I didn't watch it as often, wasn't so interested in the characters and watnot. By that time I'd also moved away from the area where I used to live. I grew up in Bristol and so had plenty of exposure to the show; they used to film at least one car crash a series down the road from my house and I can remember sitting on the fence there one day watching Josh and Penny working on a patient, heh.

I'd also met several of the cast members from those series' so as they left I guess there wasn't the same connection there. Anyway, my Nan still loves the show. She and my Dad watch it, pointing out all the streets and places we used to visit. In fact, in the episode where Toby was running across Holby to get to work my Dad and I were cracking up, he got from one side of Bristol to the other in a matter of seconds. :D

My fiance also loves the show. He never really watched it before he met me and now I think he's more hooked than I am!

And that got me looking for fanfic the other day.

My favourite pairing, when I was younger, was Tina and Max. I know, throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I really did not like Sean. I guess I've always had a thing for older guys I guess... still do :D

Moving on, I've started posting a fic on FF.net. It's not my first, though it is the first I've ever made public :D There's an element of challenge there to see if you can figure out who the person is because I don't think it's actually mentioned who it is in the first two chapters. Virtual cookie to anyone who guesses :D

Anyway, go ahead and read My Story, aptly named 'My Story' for want of a better title.

And hello to everyone else here.
Carlisle Citadel

What's your 'ship?

Casualty is a hard show to ship...so many characters, so little time! But I'm sure all of us have a secret Casualty OTP hidden away somewhere, whether it's an established 'ship (Jack/Nikki, Comfort/Fin) or a harboured fantasy (Ruth/Maggie, Abs/Charlie, who knows!).

So who do you ship and why? Which ships from the show do you hate and wish they'd never had?

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Hiya, I'm new to this comm.
I've been lurking for a while but didn't dare post i've finally written a casualty fic i really really really like though so decided why not i might as well get it over with and post it =] hope you enjoy =]

Pairing or Characters: Ruth/Maggie
Word Count: 1, 432
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: Girls with affections. Fem-slash, Whatever you want to call it. For the most part, very fluffy.
Disclaimer: This is all lies. The characters don't belong to me but the lies do. I make no money off said lies.
Author's Note: The source for this was watching casualty not last week but the week before i think well the one where Ruth discharged herself. I was watching the bit at the end with Maggie convincing Ruth to stop with her and thinking that could so easily be made slashy and then this wandered into my mind and i had to act on it =] but yeah it's ment to be that Ruth has known for a long time that she likes women and has recently developed a crush on Maggie. Maggie has just found out she likes women by realising she likes Ruth. =] please comment and if you like it please give <3<3<3<3

(i'm rubbish at html and stuff it goes straight over my head (yes i'm slightly slow) but[info] shesowsfiction asked for an lj cut so instead heres a link to my journal :D)
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Carlisle Citadel


I realise the episode was a while ago now, but I'd sort of forgotten about this place :S

Anyway, what did everyone think of the 'Ruth' episode (Sex and Death, 9/02/08)? I thought it was an interesting (and very successful!) departure from the usual format, and it made me feel an awful lot more sympathetic towards Ruth.

And the Histology department, weren't they just ace?

Fic - "Cherry" - Woody/Kelsey

Hi! I'm new to this community, but I love Casualty, and especially Woody and Kelsey. I was devastated when Woody got killed off, but my friend and I decided as we never saw his funeral, he must not be dead, but in a coma. Still.

Title: Cherry
Fandom: Casualty
Pairing: Woody/Kelsey
Summary: One of my prompts for philippa_ that I did over Christmas, inspired by the prompt "cherry." Kelsey pays a visit to the cemetery.. morbid, yes, but just read it and see!

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